About Me

Josh Disbrow, a prominent figure in the pharmaceutical industry, calls Denver, CO, his home. With an impressive track record spanning over a quarter-century, he has left an indelible mark on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices. This seasoned executive's journey is marked by his pivotal role in establishing Aytu BioPharma, catalyzing its phenomenal growth, and his noteworthy contributions to other esteemed pharmaceutical ventures. Beyond his professional achievements, Josh's narrative is woven with deep-rooted connections to family, music, and philanthropy.

Professional Prowess: Guiding Aytu BioPharma's Triumph

At the helm of his current responsibilities, Josh is the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of Aytu BioPharma, a company he co-founded in 2015. Under his visionary leadership, Aytu BioPharma achieved a significant milestone with its listing on NASDAQ in 2017. The company's annual revenues have surged past the remarkable $100 million mark in seven years. However, Josh's impact transcends financial growth. His strategic understanding is evidenced by the successful execution of four company acquisitions in fewer than four years, a testament to his adept leadership in navigating complex business landscapes.

Steward of Corporate Governance: Zynex, Inc.

Josh's expertise extends beyond Aytu BioPharma. As a Director at Zynex, Inc., a publicly-listed medical device company, he assumes a leadership role on the board. Notably, he chairs the Nominating and Governance Committee, underscoring his commitment to upholding stringent standards of corporate governance.

Stepping Stones of Achievement: A Remarkable Journey

Josh's career evolution is a story of constant advancement. Commencing as a sales representative at Glaxo Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline plc), he embarked on a trajectory that positioned him in pivotal commercial and leadership roles at renowned entities such as Cyberonics, LipoScience, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, and Ampio Pharmaceuticals. His tenure at Arbor Pharmaceuticals was particularly transformative, as he played a pivotal role in transitioning the company from pre-commercialization to achieving an impressive revenue of over $250 million in less than five years.

Academic Fortitude: The Pillars of Knowledge

Josh Disbrow's industry expertise is rooted in a solid academic foundation. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management with honors from North Carolina State University and a Master of Business Administration from Wake Forest University School of Business, solidifying his business acumen and analytical prowess.

Cultivating a Spirit of Giving: Philanthropy's Touch

Beyond his professional achievements, Josh's commitment to giving back to society shines through. Alongside his wife, he actively supports Invest-in-Kids, a Colorado-based organization, and partakes in the annual Jane-A-Thon fundraiser, which benefits children and young families in Colorado. This spirit of generosity extends to regular contributions to local charities and a church. Josh's dedication took him to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, where he participated in a mission trip, exemplifying his commitment to service by helping build a home for a needy family. Leading by example, Josh instituted a Volunteer Day for Aytu BioPharma employees, allowing them to contribute to causes close to their hearts.

Harmony Beyond the Boardroom: Personal Passions

Josh's multifaceted persona extends to his interests. His journey with music commenced in 7th grade, embracing guitar playing as an artistic outlet. A lover of rock, jam, Americana, and bluegrass, he follows bands like Phish, Goose, Widespread Panic, and Greensky Bluegrass, underscoring his eclectic taste.

His enthusiasm for the outdoors expresses his love for hiking and embracing the scenic allure of Colorado. Skiing, biking, and attending sports and music events are among the outdoor pursuits that invigorate his spirit. His allegiance to the Denver Broncos and the North Carolina State University Wolfpack underscores his passion for sports.

Onward Bound: Anticipating Milestones

As the upcoming year unfurls, significant milestones await Josh Disbrow. Aytu BioPharma is poised to celebrate its ninth anniversary in April 2024. Furthermore, a personal landmark looms as he marks his 25th wedding anniversary with his college sweetheart in July 2024. An eagerly anticipated event on the professional front is the release of Aytu BioPharma's fiscal 2023 annual report, expected by the end of September 2023.

A Life of Inspiration

In summation, Disbrow's life is a tapestry interwoven with professional achievements, deep-seated values, and diverse passions. His journey from a visionary entrepreneur to a dynamic executive showcases his ability to steer businesses to success. Simultaneously, his dedication to family, music, and philanthropy paints a picture of a well-rounded individual whose impact resonates in the corporate world and within his community. Through his journey, Josh emerges as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating both the boardroom and the human spirit.


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